Improving the world's water is a passion.

At HydroNovation, we recognize the immense and competing challenges of water scarcity, consistent quality and environmental stewardship facing the treatment industry and are dedicated to providing unique solutions for homes and businesses.

As drought, water scarcity and chemical contamination of drinking water plague much of the United States, home and business owners across the country are reassessing water usage and filtration practices and opting for cleaner, more environmentally-conscious solutions.

 HydroNovation has developed an advanced line of water treatment technologies to provide the highest quality of drinking and beverage water to homes and businesses through an efficient and eco-friendly process; The company's unique Hydro-deionization technology extracts minerals and other contaminants that contribute to unsightly and problematic scale formation on faucets and appliances and poor beverage taste.

Our innovative HydroDI technology provides the taste and quality benefits of a combined water softener and reverse osmosis system, without the brine discharge and excessive water wasted by traditional systems. We are proud to unleash the evolution in water treatment technology and lead the industry toward more environmentally-friendly and efficient solutions.

Company Profile

Southern California-based HydroNovation has developed the environmentally-conscious HydroDI water purification technology for residential and commercial applications. Developed under an exclusive license from global industrial water leader Evoqua Water Technologies, HydroDI combines the benefits of a water softener and reverse osmosis system, enabling customers to save water and energy, eliminate chemical handling and reduce waste discharge.

Our Mission

HydroNovation is committed to providing ecological and innovative solutions to drinking water treatment. Our HydroDI line of hydro-deionization products address the need for safe, high quality drinking and beverage water

Our History

Founded 2008 by electrodeionization pioneer Anil Jha, HydroNovation is unleashing an evolution in environmentally-conscious water treatment.  HydroNovation has taken the electrodeionization concept used for decades in laboratory and ultrapure applications and re-envisioned the process on a smaller scale for commercial and residential use.

The proprietary HydroDI technology uses no chemicals, resins or additives to achieve optimal drinking and household quality water to every tap in the home. The unique system uses a system of membrane filtration and electrical conductivity to remove harmful ionic contaminants while allowing beneficial minerals to pass though.

Early investors in the HydroDI technology included Clean Pacific Ventures, 3M Purification and Kemflo.


C.S. Lin:  Chief Executive Officer

Anil Jha:  Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for 130 US & international patents and the development of more than 50 distinct water purification products, Mr. Anil Jha is a true water technology visionary.

The pioneer of electrodeionization, Mr. Jha’s membrane-based technology eliminated the use, disposal and subsequent leaching of millions of pounds of chemicals into the groundwater for large commercial systems. As former VP of Research and Development at Siemens Water Technology Corp., Mr. Jha developed continuous electrodeionization (EDI) technology, now widely used for ultrapure water and seawater desalination applications.

In his role as Founder and CTO of HydroNovation, Mr. Jha oversees corporate strategy as well as research and development of the technology. Prior to joining HydroNovation, Mr. Jha managed laboratory systems and business development for U.S. Filter Corp., Millpore Corp., Sterimatics Corp. and Liquipure Corps. He managed and contributed to the development of a $200 million portfolio of purification technologies for pharmaceutical and analytical markets for Millipore Corporation.  Mr. Jha earned his bachelor of science in Industrial Engineering at University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Jack Lin:  Director of Engineering

Ramandeep Mehmi:  VP of Engineering

An experienced chemical engineer, Ramandeep Mehmi has several years of experience in fuel cell technology including process engineering, system engineering and cell/stack testing/building. He worked as a research scientist at PolyFuel Inc. and as a fuel cell engineer at Oorja Protonics Inc. After joining HydroNovation in 2009, Mr. Mehmi contributed significantly to both process and product development as well as testing of prototype systems both in house and at customer sites.

Peter Naylor:  Systems Engineering

A talented embedded systems engineer with proven success in prototype design and delivery, Peter Naylor has several years of experience in systems engineering utilizing programming, microcontrollers and analog circuitry. He served as a consultant for HydroNovation for two years, contributing significantly to the development of system controls for HydroNovation’s prototype systems. Previously, Mr. Naylor was a project engineer and business development associate at PolyFuel, Inc.

Lydia Kang:  Director of Sales & Marketing

Terry Heckman:  National Sales Manager

Terry Heckman brings over 27 years of residential and commercial water treatment experience having worked previously for Pentair Residential Filtration, GE Water & Process Technologies, Osmonics and Autotrol in similar capacities.  He will use his extensive water background and industry channel partner contacts in commercializing the salt-free HydroDI water treatment technology to the residential and commercial markets.  Mr. Heckman’s industry experience is all encompassing including product training, water treatment equipment installation, troubleshooting & service , development of sales & marketing materials for dealer network programs and sales management responsibilities. In addition, he holds a WQA CWS-VI certification.  

Shelly Johnson:  Marketing Manager

Shelly brings over 25 years of experience in the water filtration industry. Prior to joining HydroNovation Shelly held a variety of positions with Ametek, U.S. Filter, Culligan, and Pentair with her most recent position as a Marketing Channel Manager for Pentair Residential Filtration. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Advertising from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. 



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