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HydroNovation Launches Point-of-Entry Alternative Water Treatment System at 2015 WQA Aquatech Show

New HydroDI™ Offers The Benefits of a Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis System Without Using Salt or Chemicals

LA PALMA, Calif., April 22, 2015 – HydroNovation today introduced HydroDI™ WP1 and WP1HE systems for residential applications, as well as WP1C and WP1CHE for commercial use. The new systems represent the latest evolution in hydro-deionization technology, employing an electric current – about as much as a lightbulb -- and proprietary, ion-specific membranes to remove ionic impurities in water.


HydroNovation’s new compact HydroDI water treatment systems reduce contaminants and scale-forming minerals for optimal water quality. 

According to Bruce Stump, president of HydroNovation, the whole house system improves the taste of water. “By not stripping out all the minerals, HydroDI delivers delicious, bottled water taste and quality at every faucet,” commented Stump. “Plus it’s environmentally friendly,” he added. “With HydroDI, nothing is added to your water. And no salt brine is discharged into the environment. A typical water softener uses 600 pounds of salt a year to regenerate. And that brine discharge eventually ends up in our environment.”

The HydroDI residential and commercial systems are available in standard and high efficiency models in 50- and 80-gallon tank capacities to accommodate end user water consumption profiles for peak and daily demand. An optional AquaDash™ 24/7 remote monitoring service is available with each system to provide users with added peace of mind.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly, HydroDI helps customers save water and energy while improving water quality, reducing wastewater discharge, and eliminating chemical use and salt handling.

For more information on this alternative, HydroDI point-of-entry water treatment system, visit or contact HydroNovation at 920.287.5437.

About HydroNovation: California-based HydroNovation provides water treatment solutions for residential and commercial applications. Under exclusive license from Evoqua Water Technologies, HydroNovation has developed a unique demineralization technology enabling customers to save water and energy, improve water quality, reduce waste discharge and eliminate chemical handling.

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